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Collection: PLEASE Do Not Order These If This Is True...

Listen, you're probably a responsible parent, or looking to give your child a little extra protection while using devices.


There's one thing we want to make sure, and it's that our products are not used as band-aid products.

Please, consistently monitor screen time use such that it isn't excessive.

And ONLY use these as a means to provide protection during moderate screen time use, while at home, or at school.

We ask that you comply with the above as we advocate for reasonable and responsible screen time, and do not want our products used as an enabling device for more screen time.

That being said...if responsible screen time is ahead, and you're looking for the best protection for your kiddo, look no further than the collection we've got for you below!

Oh, and, if you want a discount, make sure to use code "EYES" at checkout for 25% OFF!