Disclosure Discussion – Blue Light Kids

Disclosure Discussion

Lately, there has been quite a bit of controversy surrounding blue light filtering technology. 

There's a surprising amount of push back from the eyewear industry regarding the use of these, despite the fact that there are thousands, if not millions, of anecdotal narrative type testimonials from our customers, and customers of other brands saying they help.

While this controversy isn't really explainable, or in our view, logical, we're doing our part to best educate you on the latest, and provide you with what we know, so that you can make your own decision on whether you'll find benefit from our product.

We are not claiming that this will solve anything. We aren't a medical company, nor are we medical doctors. We are a retailer who specializes in offering our customers high quality blue light blocking glasses.

We have testimonials and direct experience of our customers, and ourselves, that suggest there is  benefit to having blue light filtering technology on your eyewear.

There are many eye professionals in the fight against blue light filtering technology. It's quite peculiar, and the majority of their argument relies on the fact that there isn't enough data. However, technology adoption has been massive, and quick, over the last two-three decades, not allowing sufficient time to find anything conclusive. It's a circular argument from some eye wear professionals, while other objective practitioners acknowledge the flaw in this argument, and urge for more data.

The latter is the appropriate approach. Getting more data.

But that certainly does not obligate that adults, or children not to take action that could provide some relief. We always recommend seeking an eyewear professionals opinion prior to adopting any new regimen.

It allows consumers to make their own decisions, test products, and if they find no relief, not to use them.

That's our position, and we pay close attention to the latest research, and conclusions that are reached regarding our ever-growing adoption of technology in our daily lives.