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A Science-Based Approach To Screen Time When Children Need It Most

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Dependable screen time protection...

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Purchasing eyewear from us guarantees your product is backed for life.

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Based in Chicago, Illinois with a warehouse in Southern Wisconsin.

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On A Mission

We're a mission-oriented company that realizes technology in the classroom is not going anywhere. As the amount of screen time goes up (rapidly), we want to be on the front lines ahead of the curve in classrooms around the world to make sure each kiddo has what they need in this new digital world.

One For One...

featured in the media

why blue light glasses...for kids?

Blue light (and artificial light) exposure later in the day..

when your kiddo is doing their homework, after a long day of virtual learning, has been shown to interrupt the natural melatonin (a sleep hormone) release, thus not letting the body naturally fall into its normal circadian rhythm. The long-term effects of poor sleep are well documented and disasterous.

An overwhelming majority of parents...

who equip their children with these are noticing a huge difference in complaints from their kiddos embarking on their virtual learning adventure.

A Virtual Learning Necessity

We've gotten overwhelming positive feedback from parents who've decided to equip their kiddos with these to make sure they thrive in these abnormal times.

One Pair Donated For Every Pair Ordered

We are the classroom favorite blue light blocking brand. We do active outreach to donate to classrooms using technology, but not yet equipped with the right eye protection for screen time learning!

Our children are experiencing screen time issues like never before...

Children deserve to thrive in this digital world...

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Children deserve to thrive in this digital world.


What are experts saying?

What are experts saying?
What are experts saying?

Not Just "Kid Friendly Frames"...."Super Kid-Friendly Frames"

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Parents just like you are encouraging more learning at home through the use of new technology.

Parents just like you are encouraging more learning
Parents just like you are encouraging more learning

Our Goal Has Been, and Always Will Be....

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While the science is far from settled...

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