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The classroom is evolving...

Parents are starting to realize that digital classrooms are becoming more prevalent. This makes proper eyewear even more of a priority as our children are spending more time in front of a screen than ever before.

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Technology helps with diverse learning abilities.

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We've joined classrooms around the world to support the new age "digital classroom."

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Parents just like you are encouraging more learning at home through the use of new technology.

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What Our Customers Say

I was skeptical at first, but after my child started telling me about their dreams (something they've never done before!) I was convinced that there's a problem here and Blue Light Kids seems to have solved it!

Debbie C.

My child complains less about headaches and rubs their eyes less after watching TV with the family or using their device for the little time we let him.

Ashley R.

I've noticed my children less wired at night before bedtime. Something I haven't noticed before.

Linda O.

I bought my 3 kiddos the FunFlex Blue Light Blocking Glasses. They love them! I don’t even have to remind them to wear them when they're on their tablets.

Sandra N.

Super happy I came across Blue Light Kids on Facebook! I can't stop raving about how these glasses have been helping my 4 year old sleep better at night!

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Today's classroom is the modern day office.

Technology is, and will remain, a part of our cirriculum. Protecting our kiddos from the eye strain and low energy is our #1 mission.