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Store Locator

In-Store Pickup Option: If you wish to have in-store pickup available to you, please place your order as your normally would, then send us an email within 24 hours of placing your order, and we will arrange in-store pickup for you! We will also refund 75% of your shipping costs! 

We can also ship to your local optometrist using this same process. Just send us an email!

As we build up our retail partnerships, we will be available in more stores nationwide, and with any luck, worldwide soon!

See below for our retail partners and store pick-up locations!

Our Newest Retail Partnership

Opt Vision Studio in Chicago, IL

1) Warehouse Pickup: Ixonia, Wisconsin

If you're in close proximity to our warehouse in Ixonia, Wisconsin, you can save on shipping by choosing "In-Store Pickup" at checkout!

2) IIIS An Optical Shop: Burmingham, AL

3) Modern Eyes Optometry: Carlsbad, CA

4) Newton Eye Clinic: Cherokee, OK