Clearwater (Ages 7-13) – Blue Light Kids

Lose them or break them and we will replace them!

"We don't do screen time without these!" - Janet, Mom from Chicago
Clearwater (Ages 7-13) - Blue Light Kids
Clearwater (Ages 7-13) - Blue Light Kids
Clearwater (Ages 7-13) - Blue Light Kids
Clearwater (Ages 7-13) - Blue Light Kids
Clearwater (Ages 7-13) - Blue Light Kids

(Ages 7-13)
Blue Light Blockers
The Must Haves for Screen Time in 2022 and beyond

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Durability & Blue Light Blocking Test


  • ✔ Blue Light Blocking (100% UVA/UVB)
  • ✔ Non-Prescription Lenses
  • ✔ FREE LIFETIME Warranty
  • ✔ FREE Exchanges
  • ✔ Super "Bendy"/Indestructible Frames
  • ✔ Shatter-Proof Lenses & Frames
  • ✔ Scratch Resistant Lenses
  • ✔ Comfortable Nose Piece and Arms

Perfect for ages 7-13!
Frame Material: TR90
Lens Material: PC

    These non-prescription blue light blocking glasses offer your child the protection they absolutely need in today's digital world.
    Another benefit of these frames is that you will not have to worry about them breaking. Our frames are extremely flexible, durable, and even if your kiddo manages to break them, we've got your purchase covered with a FREE LIFETIME Guarantee!

    the problem

    Parents everywhere are starting to realize that this much screen time has its consequences.
    Whether it's for learning, relaxing, getting homework done, or FaceTiming with relatives, screens are a big part of our children's lives.
    What was once only a problem in a parents 9-5 office life, the evolving screen time is now a problem for our kiddos too, whether or not we like it.

    the solution

    Our brand became widely-recognized not only for the quality of our blue light blockers for kids, but also for our commitment to families.
    We're the leading children's eyewear brand that offers a no questions asked lifetime guarantee on our products, despite the fact that they're extremely flexible, durable, and made of the highest qualify child-safe materials so you never have to worry about being too careful when your kiddo is learning, laughing, and being the child you know and love.

    why shop with us?

    you might be wondering what sets our brand apart from the rest (we know, there are many). it's actually quite simple. first, we offer a no questions asked lifetime guarantee on all of our non-prescription blue light glasses. we wanted to eliminate the worry associated with shopping online, and especially for your children. our lifetime guarantee makes our glasses a no-brainer. it covers any and all damage, forever. you get unlimited replacements and you don't have to pay for them again!
    second, we wanted to offer an amazing product at a price point where you couldn't afford not to go with us. with unlimited lifetime replacements and cool, unique, and custom designs our brand is the #1 choice for parents across the globe at protecting their kiddos in this digital world.

    "what does your lifetime guarantee cover?"

    • any damage
    • accidental or intentional breaking
    • dogs eating them
    • ran over by a car (although, you might not need a replacement)
    • ✔ theft and loss
    • ✔ anything you can think of

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