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Collection: Our Eyes Aren't Made To Stare At Screens ALL DAY

Does your child come home from school complaining of headaches?

What about complaining of headaches after even the smallest amount of device use?


Listen, we do understand that it's easy for parents and you to just say "put the device down...." --- but there's more to it!


It's not just at home parents, children are using devices in schools to complete homework, do activities in the classroom, and collaborate with each other.

Yes, screen are not going away.

And of course, delaying the inevitable while you still can is a great idea, but it might not be as easy as you suspect.

And before you resort to "fixing" the headache or its symptoms...

...we really want parents to address the cause. Acknowledging that screens will become a more instrumental part in your child's life as time goes on, it's best to find way to eliminate the complaints, the headaches, the eye strain, and whatever long terms effects science just hasn't answered for us yet.

Moms, dads, grandparents...join us in taking the first small step in making sure headaches go away.

You can join these parents who've started to see some results....and make things better for you, and your kiddo.