Kindle Giveaway from Blue Light Kids!

Collection: Kindle Giveaway from Blue Light Kids!

You did read that right! We give away one Amazon Kindle (with kid-proof case) to one lucky family EACH WEEK OF MAY! 

First off, I should mention that we are not partnered with Amazon or any of their affiliates in any way. We just love the product!

We're customers of the product ourselves, and use the device to laugh, communicate, and learn.


And, we wanted to find ways to show our customers we care.

So, from now until May 31 we will be giving away one of these new Kindle Fires each week. We are considering doing this each month, so, stay tuned for this. 

We will announce the winners on our FB page each Monday.

To enter the contest, you must do the following:

1. You must purchase at least one pair of blue light blocking eyewear from us.

2. You must use the discount code [KINDLEMAY] at checkout. This is a 30% discount on any of our eyewear. Repeat: you must use this code at checkout to enter. No exceptions. 

3. You must agree at the time we announce the winner, that if it is you, you provide us with photographs of your kiddos wearing our glasses. We will use these for future contests. You must also agree to share our post to your FB audience (or IG audience) when we announce that the winner is YOU (if selected!)

Those 3 simple steps.

That's it!

We hope to see you soon! Good luck!