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Collection: The Secret Weapon That High Performing Children Use To Conquer In Today's Digital World

Dear Really Awesome Parent,

If you'd like to help your aspiring future leader excel in the digital world without the side effects like headaches, crankiness, and sleeplessness, then this is the most important letter you'll ever read.

I'll show you why in a minute.

But First... A Disclaimer:

Nothing in life is guaranteed. The results we will share with you are testimonials from our previous customers. We won't be making medical claims and the claims we make are anecdotal based on the thousands of customers that have walked through our (online) doors. We will share screen shots, but you're also more than welcome to look us up on social media and read the reviews for yourself! Your results may vary (although unlikely).

We do not offer band-aid products. Basically, even though we acknowledge there's an increased use of screen time in today's digital world, we do not accept being used in place of boundaries, lack of supervision, or uncontrolled screen time. These are meant for the screen time that needs to happen.

With that said, let's move onward and show you what you get!


This is dramatically different from anything you've seen before. That's because we endorse and strive for well-rounded, and knowledgeable parents on the topics we deal with: screen time and this extremely digital (and getting even more digital) world. 

The package you get arms you with the knowledge you need to be an effective parent when coping with the increasing use of technology.

Plus, we're like the only children's company in this industry to offer you a lifetime warranty on what you order from us.

That's how serious we are. And we hope this demonstrates that we stand behind what you're getting from us.

How you know that other parents are seeing amazing results!

We know this question is at the forefront of your mind. 

"How can I be sure these work?"

"I'm skeptical, and they aren't cheap."

Listen, we get it. Totally.

That's why, with the guarantees made above...we have some braggy, and awesome parents, that can back up what we've said.



But...but...what makes you so different? 

We made a chart that points out the differences just for ease. Take a look!

Okay, great! What's next?

Well, below, you'll see our selection. And we're sure you'll like AT LEAST one of the pairs below. 

We also take requests, quite honestly. 

Recently, one of our customers suggested we get rainbow pairs in stock, and two weeks later, production was complete and we started shipping.

So, don't be afraid to let us know what you want either.

But after you select the pair(s) you want, you'll be taken through the checkout process.

Rest assured, we use reliable DHL Global to ship our orders from Wisconsin, USA.

And our team is pretty damn good.

We usually ship out next business day, but no later than three days after you order.

So, with that, I'll cut you loose and you can roam free around our store finding the pair that works just right for your kiddo.

And if you have any questions, just reach out to us via the contact page, or on social media, or by sending us an email at and one of our customer care reps will get back to you within 1 business day (FAST, I know).

Your child's success is our #1 priority.

Ready, set, go!


Jason - Founder


If you're like me, and scroll to the bottom instead of reading long letters, let me recap EXACTLY what you get:

Each and every order includes:

1) the pair(s) of glasses you select

2) a FREE high quality travel pouch (normally costs $14.95)

3) a FREE ebook on getting better sleep for your kiddo (normally $39.95)

4) a FREE child brain research eBook (normally 50 bucks!)

5) FREE shipping insurance on orders over $27

oh, and #6, and the MOST important.


Sound good?

Just browse below, and head to the checkout process once you've got the pairs you like in your cart.

(And don't worry about adding the books, they will be sent out with every order!)

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