Why Us? – Blue Light Kids

Why Us?

Why our glasses?

Do you know why you're tired after a day at the office staring deep into your computer screen's eyes and under the fake light your office blinds you with?


Now magnify that onto your child... 🔍

Responsible parents everywhere are beginning to wonder what adverse effects their children will have from excessive device use in everything we do. TVs. iPads. Mobile phones at such a young age? Computers.

You need a way to make sure you limit device exposure KNOWING that limiting device use isn't always going to be a choice.

Sure, we've heard many parents point at "limiting screen time" as the solution. But, that will only go so far.

School? Sleep overs? When the parents aren't around? Limiting the screen time really won't cut it these days. Devices are everywhere.

There's only one real solution to help limit the risks associated with excessive device use when it comes to the adverse effects of blue light.

Blue Light Glasses for Kids help limit the effects of blue light on your child without having to force them to put it down.

✅ Blue light isn't just emitted from your mobile devices. TV too! Computers. Movie Theaters. (At night is especially high risk.)

✅ Due to the short wavelength of blue light, the eyeball will state in a state of tension for a long time, causing visual fatigue!

✅ Blue light inhibits melatonin secretion (which destroys sleep).



Don't let you little one go another day without the right protection from the devices all around us!


"Devices" like the ones us adults use are going to be around, more than ever for our children. They didn't have it like we did, so there needs to be an extra layer of protection when they're this young!


Oh, and don't forget. There's a pair for everyone! 😍