why did you click? – Blue Light Kids

why did you click?

that's a hypothetical question of course, because there are only a handful of reasons why you may have come and visited us (again)..

i suspect you were probably on the fence about shopping online for eyewear, given the difficulties that come with online shopping in general, but in case you forgot, here are a few tips:

  1.  you'll get lifetime exchanges, replacements, and upgrades (yes, need a bigger size, we got you! need a replacement because your kiddo broke it...you guessed it...we got you.
  2. our price point is one of a kind in affordability and accessibility. you might pay upwards of $150 somewhere, where here, you're at around the $50 price point...for 3 pairs
  3. most importantly, we've got years of customer reviews and feedback, all publicly available on facebook, better business bureau, google reviews, etc. to back up our high quality product and high quality service.

so, i already know why you clicked. click below to decide on your styles