Why Blue Light Blockers for Kids? And why Blue Light Kids?

Why Blue Light Blockers for Kids? And why Blue Light Kids?


 The modern classroom is evolving and using more & more screen time to teach your child


Schools and teachers partnered with us to develop very important relationships with the ones who hold the greatest responsibility of all: educating our future leaders!

These teachers have taken steps to protect their students!

Ms. Teder's @ Radley Elementary worked with us to get her class hooked up with the right protection for screen time in the classroom!

Wohlwend Elementary loves protecting their kiddos too!

Ms. Mixon reached out to us recently and we partnered with her to make the kiddos in her classroom (full of technology) left their classrooms without headaches and eye strain.

You are about to join the family of amazing moms, dads, and teachers that strive to empower their children to thrive and succeed in today's digital world.

And take action to make that happen, just like Jess (below)!


What You Get!


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