Where would you like to look first? – Blue Light Kids

Where would you like to look first?

Our collections are split by age recommendation for ease of picking out your kiddo's next pair!

For The Youngsters (Below 13 yrs old)

The Toddler Collection: Click Here

Pairs made with your youngster in mind. Featuring our EarWrap model with legs that wrap behind the ears to prevent them from sliding off!

The Gradientz Collection (Ages 3-9): Click Here

This is one of our new custom collections that feature multi-color more professional frames for your youngster!

The FunFlex Collection (Ages 3-13): Click Here

This is our flagship collection that features a silicone-type frame that allows for maximum durability and flexibility for your youngster.

The BetaFlex Collection (Ages 4-10): Click Here

This collection features a flexible frame with hinged legs to allow for expansion as your child grows a bit older.

The TempleFlex Collection (Ages 4-12): Click Here

The TempleFlex collection features a new in-leg rubber hinge to allow for maximum durability as your child gets older and their head gets better. Maximum comfort.

The SafetyFlex Junior Collection (Ages 3-9): Click Here


The SafetyFlex Collection (Ages 8+): Click Here