Our Story

Hello! My name is Jason. And I'm the Founder of Blue Light Kids.

We are a company that realizes technology is becoming an increasing part of our lives and even our children's lives.

What we noticed is that the increased device use sometimes goes unchecked. We of course don't advocate for constant device use, but we realize that there are indeed inherit benefits from advanced technology in our child's lives. 

There's a fine line between developing relationships with those around us, and also learning at faster rates than ever before.

To encourage one while not hindering the other, we saw a problem that needed to be addressed as we ourselves felt the benefit from wearing blue light glasses while doing "normal" things like watching TV and communicating with our friends and family.

Staying connected more than ever is a priority for millions. Doing it the right way has yet to be uncovered.

And we want our children to live the best lives possible in this "new" digital world. And we will continue to contribute to that mission.

Our goal by the end of 2019 is to be sponsoring 5 classrooms, and to triple that by the end of 2020.

Our mission is to make sure our children have the ability to learn and communicate at rates never before seen while making sure there are no adverse impacts to health.

Jason (Founder)