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What This Blue Light Stuff Is All About And

 Why You Should Be Concerned

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What should I know as a parent in the digital age?

Why is blue bad?

Research has found that exposure to blue light suppresses the production of melatonin more than any other type of light. It is believed that the shorter wavelengths in blue light is what causes the body to produce less melatonin because the body is more sensitive to this type of light.

What this means is that when your child uses their device after sundown, or at night, their bodies think it's day time. Thus, they don't get as tired and settle into a good night's sleep.

This is really bad for children at younger ages, because they need the highest quality sleep possible...because each and every part of them is developing.

Social effects aside, this is problematic for development, growth, and should not be taken lightly.

Screens are not going away.

Screens are being an integral part of our children learn and interact with the world. Communicating from across the world, and learning at their fingertips without leaving the house is impacting how children see the world.

Extra Screen Time Is Something You Need To Protect Against

Prescription eye wear is on the rise. So is screen time. Many researchers feels that extra screen time could be the cause. Straining our child's vision as they learn, laugh, and talk via electronic devices...into the later hours of the day. This is a problem that needs attention.

By the way...schools are starting to pick up on this trend...

and we here Blue Light Kids are leading the charge...

To get schools around the world to adopt blue light filtering technology...

to ensure our children, during their most important years...

don't have future issues from the early adoption of technology.