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Exclusive Group Discount on Premium Screen Time Protection for Kiddos (75% OFF MSRP)

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INSIDER ACCESS: Open To The Public For a VERY Limited Time


Hopefully, you're here because you're interested in screen time protection for kiddos.

Well, we're currently doing a one-of-a-kind program where we're able to offer screen time glasses at 70-80% off retail (even better than Amazon prices).

Right now, if you take advantage of this special, we can cut the price of retail by about 75%.

It still lets us provide you with high quality eyewear, but doesn't break the bank on your end.

So, in order to qualify for this discount, you must order a minimum of 15 pairs. (this unlocks the 75% off discount)

Now...when you add at least 15 pairs to your cart, you should see an AUTOMATIC discount appear. This is the exclusive SCHOOL / EDUCATOR BUNDLE DISCOUNT. If it does not, you will need to follow the instructions below regarding the checkout! 

"But I don't need 15 pairs."

We realize it's unusual for one person to need 15 pairs. But, at the price point we're offering these, (between $5-10 per pair), it allows you to stock up for people you know, your kiddo's classroom, at severely under retail prices. For the amount you'd spend on 15 with us, you could get 4-5 at NORMAL RETAIL PRICE EVERYWHERE ELSE. So, saving a few hundred bucks among friends is a win-win for everyone. 

That is why we're offering such a HUGE discount. Our overarching mission is to get these into the hands of every kiddo doing some form of hybrid, virtual learning and staring at screens for HOURS per DAY.

Purpose before profits.


The code for THIS PROMOTION is SUPERBUNDLE. (make sure you write this down somewhere, so you can enter it at checkout if it doesn't automatically apply to your subtotal)

Once you enter SUPERBUNDLE at checkout, you'll see the price drop ~75%. (you'll need to enter the code MANUALLY if the discount does not automatically apply). 

If that wasn't good enough, you also get FREE Shipping!

We hope that sounds great.

If you're not interested in this SUPERBUNDLE, you're more than welcome to pick up a couple pairs for yourself, and you can feel free to use the code EYES to get 25% off MSRP for your order.

Either way, we hope this helps!