Family Pack – Blue Light Kids

Family Pack

We've recently received feedback from customers with big families wanting to find a way to save $$$. We understand this. And want to offer you a special deal, a deal that no one else is going to give you.

For those bigger families, we want to make our products much more accessible to you. 

That being said, if you follow these instructions, you can get 3 pairs for FREE:

Step 1: Find the 5 pairs you'd like (you can add more, but the minimum you need is 5).

Step 2: Add those pairs to your cart.

Step 3: Begin the checkout process and enter code BIGFAMILY.

Step 4: 3 of the pairs in your cart will turn to a price of $0.00. (Yes, you read that right. You will get 3 pairs FREE!)

Step 5: Complete your checkout, and wait for your delivery.

Simple enough, eh?

If you have more suggestions on how we can make our products more accessible, please email us at with the subject line 'RECOMMENDATION'


Thank you!