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Hey! We're a little late --- but not empty handed. The new shark pairs are on the way to our lab, but were a little delayed in transit.

Accordingly, because we are a little late with our release date, we're going to offer them at half the price that they retail for (with a BOGO).

We sent out a letter to our subscribers a few weeks ago asking who would be interested --- and many of you expressed interest in BOTH colors.

That being said, if you snag one today, you can get another pair of this style for FREE.

This applies to the shark pairs only --- and is our best way to compensate for the lateness on their arrival.

Keep in mind, this is a pre-order deal, and will expire once the shark pairs hit our warehouse (which should be in 5-7 business days).

Just use code, [PREORDERSHARK] at checkout after you add TWO to your cart! The price of one pair will VANISH!

  • Pink Shark (Ages 3-9) (Ultra Flexible Design) Pink Shark (Ages 3-9) (Ultra Flexible Design)
    Pink Shark
    (Ages 3-9)

    $179.85   $59.95 Sale
    or 4 interest-free payments of $14.99 with

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    But Wait!
    $59.95 Only $19.98 per pair
    when you bundle 3 pairs!
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