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Collection: Before you join our family in enabling your kiddo to do screen time the right way...

...listen to the people below who, over our time servicing families, have reached out to us to let them know how they feel about being part of this family.





You see, the message we're sending isn't to BUY THESE NOW.

These are actually making a difference in people's lives, and that's what keeps us going.
Having loyal customers enables us to donate even more to classrooms, and organizations in need where screen time is sometimes, a part of a child's life, whether it be to communicate, help a learning disability, or for those more fortunate, just to talk to grandma across the country.
So, regardless of whether you're ready to invest in your child, we hope you at least keep an open mind about how you and your child do screen time.
And if you do decide to shop with us, keep in mind the things we offer each and everyone of our customers.

- LIFETIME Warranty on every order.
- FREE Upgrades - get a bigger size as your kid grows...for FREE
- You get to be a part of the growing family of parents who take an interest in not only moderating screen time, but doing it the right way.
We appreciate you reading this, and hearing what we have to say. When you're ready to invest in your child, take a look at any of the pairs below!


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