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What You (And Many Other Parents) Don't Realize About Screen Time

There are 3 things that many parents (and maybe even you) don't realize about screen time....that you actually need to realize.

1) It's not your fault that screens are used every day.

In fact, it's the school's fault quite honestly. We've moved our youngest generations away from paper and pencil, and moved them to keyboards. touch screens, and other ways to learn.

Now, that's not all that bad. But it's become more of the standard than the exception when it comes to screens.

2) Screen time can have long term consequences.

Specifically, we know that blue light later in the day causes melatonin secretion issues. This can lead to a rough night's sleep, and a rough next day.

Following this for days, months, and years, can lead to issues down the road.

Fortunately, limiting screen exposure (not necessarily time) can benefit your child more than you know.

Besides --- when your child is young, you CANNOT get their sleep wrong.

Sleep is used to grow and develop their brains, and if you screw that up, you may screw up other things down the road.

3) Long-term damage is not yet known, but there is evidence to suggest there may be some.

Yes, the studies are not conclusive yet. And as such, eye care professionals are weaponizing this to suggest that you don't need to protect yourself

This is a mistake. And there's a huge debate in the eye community right now about whether or not you should worry about excessive blue light or not.


So, what should you do?

Well, first off parents should stay informed.

Then, parents should take the right precautions, whether that's limiting blue light exposure generally, or whether that's wearing blue light glasses and using blue light filtering applications.

(Be careful with the applications though as blue light filtering apps are not the one-stop-shop solution.)

The technical details on the blue light research can be found at https://www.bluelightkids.com/pages/the-research


Thanks for reading!

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