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A Short Letter To Parents Who Say "Just Put The Screens Away"


Dear Parent,

Listen. First off, this isn't an attack on you.

The whole purpose of me writing this letter is to spark a conversation that needs to be had.

And I don't want to rant to you about how screens are good, or that you should not be limiting screen time.

Of course we should be limiting screen time.

But, saying "just put them away" does two bad things.

1) It presumes they are bad.

2) And it actually has the opposite effect that you desire.

See --- screens are becoming part and parcel of our daily lives.

So, instead of "putting them away" or "taking them away" completely --- we need to better understand their effects, and HOW to use them properly.

I really hate this analogy, but just like the war on drugs, or practicing abstinence, shunning the use of something instead of learning how to use it effectively only creates a worse outcome.

WE, as parents, need to understand the ill-effects.

WE, as parents need to understand how to teach our children how to be effective with screens.


And it comes in a number of ways...limiting time, setting boundaries, and protecting your eye health and social health.


I hope this short and sweet letter has you thinking at least a little.

I hope to open a dialogue with each and every one of you about this topic.


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Thank you,


Founder | Blue Light Kids