The truth about blue light.... – Blue Light Kids

The truth about blue light....

You might be surprised to read what you're about to read from a company selling blue light glasses for kiddos...

But, someone has to say it...

And you have to understand our position, and what we believe...

So...are you ready?

I apologize ahead of time if you think this is controversial...but it needs to be said.

Current science does NOT show conclusive evidence that blue light is damaging to the eyes.


You might be thinking..."why the hell is this company saying their product doesn't work?"

Well...because..that's the truth. also highlights a gross misunderstanding about the issues associated with screen time, particularly constantly throughout the day, and late at night.

See, blue light glasses have gotten a bad rap because of some salesman for larger corporations not quite understanding what's coming out of their mouths.

Weird, huh?

They didn't do any research.

They're reading from a script.

And they're being called out for it...

Nevertheless, the bigger companies are focusing on the wrong thing.


Here's the rub...

Damage to the eye is not conclusive, and it would take years to come to any conclusion...because technology is so new.

But, here's what is conclusive.

Blue light exposure, later in the evening, disrupts melatonin secretion, resulting in your body not properly being prepared for its upcoming sleep cycles.

BTW, melatonin is a hormone that's released later in the day to help your body properly get ready for the restorative sleep it needs, each and every day.

And blue light exposure limits that. Because, blue light is telling our bodies, "HEY BODY ITS TIME TO BE AWAKE!"

So, at this point, you might be thinking...what's the big idea then?

Well, it can be put simply.

If our body doesn't know when to goto sleep...

When we do...

Our body isn't ready...

And our body hasn't "shut down" from the day...

And therefore, the sleep is's just bad sleep.

And, watching your child wake up groggy every morning, or moody, or tired...

Instead of fully being rested...and restored...

We ALL KNOW where this leads...terrible sleep, when a youngster needs it what the problem is.

It's the problem people aren't talking about.

I'm sure you've seen 100s of commercials and advertisements telling you HOW MUCH EYE DAMAGE there is..

But that's just not the case.

It's the sleep.

The grogginess.

The incomplete restoration.

Those are the real issues surrounding this topic.

And, for some reason, no one is talking about them.

So, whether you decide to order from us...or get rid of the devices...we hope you now have a better understanding of the problem.

Thanks for listening!

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See you soon!