Collection: Doesn't your child deserve to THRIVE in today's digital world?

Your child is your #1 priority aren't they?

Empowering your child to thrive in today's digital world, overcome obstacles, and be the best they can be is a HUGE goal among parents, right?

We recognize you as one of those parents and support you.

And we know, that when you're shopping for ways to enhance your children's well-being, you want many things...

Blue Light Kids offers flexible, durable, and reliable blue light glasses!

We also know that you want something that will WORK.

In partnering with schools, we've developed very important relationships with people who influence our children the most.

Ms. Teder's @ Radley Elementary worked with us to get her class hooked up with the right protection for screen time in the classroom!

Wohlwend Elementary loves protecting their kiddos too!

Ms. Mixon reached out to us recently and we partnered with her to make the kiddos in her classroom (full of technology) left their classrooms without headaches and eye strain.

You are about to join the family of amazing moms, dads, and teachers that strive to empower their children to thrive and succeed in today's digital world.

And take action to make that happen, just like Jess (below)!


"I really love how durable these are. Knowing this company has my back if they break was super important to me." - Stephanie

“My kiddo sleeps like a baby again :)” - Janet

And more happy customers...

Join us on this mission to empower our children to LEARN, LAUGH, and THRIVE more comfortably and productively on-screen, so that they can live up to their fullest potential off-screen.

BEFORE you continue below, remember these things as you are browsing our collection!

1) Each pair is protected by a LIFETIME Warranty against ANY damage.

2) Frames with the word "Flex" in them are made of extremely flexible, high quality silicone-like material, that makes even the rowdiest of kids no match for them!

3) You're doing the right thing for your kiddo by paying attention to their digital well-being on and off screen!